My Name

A long time ago when Mom and Dad and People Brother and Sisters first moved to our house there was a tabby cat outside who was king of the Neighborhood Cats.  Most Neighborhood Cats were skittish but this cat wouldn’t run away at all until Dad came really super close to him.  So Dad called him “Tuffy”.  At that time there were a lot of Neighborhood Cats and since First Tuffy was king of the Neighborhood he made other tabby cats like him who would come around, and they got called “Tuffy Jr.” and “Little Tuffy”, etc.  After awhile there weren’t as many Neighborhood Cats, but when I came to the Neighborhood I was then called “Fluffy Tuffy”.    So really it’s a sort of general name, but it’s cool.

Me on the front porch of our house when I first came to the Neighborhood.

There is a Yard Cat now who we know was a kitten when I was outside, and Dad started calling him “Tuffy Junior” because they think I am his dad cat.  This Junior is part white like his mom cat and part tabby like me, and he has a black stripe down his back like I have.  I am not a fan of Junior.  He is now king of the Neighborhood and is happy to show it by jumping up at me when I’m at the window in the bedroom where I like to look out.

(Now, although my official name is Tuffy and Dad and People Sister Emily and People Brother Bubba use it, it doesn’t get used much when Mama’s around.  She calls me things like “Here Kitty” and “Sweet Guy” and “Little Mister” and “Big Boy” and “Fluffy Buddy” and “Mama’s Little Luv”.    You know, all the mushy mom stuff.  But I figure moms are allowed that kind of thing, since they say we’re always our mama’s baby no matter how old we are!)

How I Came To Live In My House

So I used to live outside by myself and it was hard to find foods, in fact, the neighbor told Dad that he was going to shoot me because I was going in his house through the special cat door to eat his cat’s food!  I mean, I didn’t know that was taboo, I had to eat somewhere.  That was when Dad decided he and Mama should make a safe place outside for me to eat and they started putting foods out for me.  When they noticed I had a hurt leg one time Dad even cut a place out of the fence so I could walk right in instead of jumping over.  Boy, that was a relief.  They made me a special little house outside but I didn’t like to go in it, so I just rested on the carpet there and nobody bothered me.   Here I am on my outside carpet.

Me on my outside carpet.

Then one day I got a big hurt on my face and it did something called an “abscess” and it looked really awful.  It came because I got in a fight with another cat because man cats do that sometimes. I’m tough though and didn’t let it bother me much, but it sure bothered Mama and Dad because they knew it could be super serious.  Here is a photo of it.  (Warning:  It isn’t very nice to see!) 

Me and my abscess.

Mama and Dad had planned to catch me and take me to a doctor where I would get “fixed” (whatever that is, I’m still not sure, it has something to do with baby cats) and decided it was a good time.  They set out this big thing made of wires and put my foods in it. I was fooled and went in there and it got me!

Me in something called a “trap”.

Then Mama took me to the doctor. That doctor did the “fixing” and then she snipped a bit off my ear, can you imagine? (Important fact: When doctors do fixing on outside or community cats, they snip the tip of the cat’s ear off to show that they have been fixed and won’t keep having baby cats. That way people know that they are good community cats and are helpful to the Neighborhood!)

The fixing doctor didn’t have time to take care of my face because she was just a fixing doctor, so I had to go to another doctor and have my face done.  They put things called “stitches” in my face to hold it together.  Mama says the stitches were made of something called stainless steel so in case I had to go be an outside cat again they could stay in my face and be okay.  Wanna see a picture of me with my stitches?  Not my most handsome photo, I’d say!  I mean, they had to shave off all my face hair on that side.  It took a long time for my face to stop looking lopsided, I can tell you!

My stitches.

Anyways, after the doctor did my face he told Mama I had to stay inside until I was all better.  By this time Mama knew she luved me and was going to keep me inside and wouldn’t let me go outside again, so that was okay with her.  Mama and Dad cleared out a whole room next to their sleeping room for me to recover in and left me a place to make my lair where I could stay if I didn’t want to be bothered.  Here I am in my first house lair. You didn’t want to try to come in there unless you wanted clawslashes, that was for sure! There were lots of towels in my room. I really like towels. I recovered in my lair room for a few weeks.

Me in my first lair.

Well, that’s the end of the first installment of my story.  Catch the next one soon!